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26/11/2020 13:11:27 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
📣Don't miss today's ForeSee Cluster Webinar at 16:00 CET on Cost Benefits & ROI for #predictivemaintenance featuring use cases: production systems in avation & Jaguar Land Rover.ℹ️ [URL] @programsEU @SERENA_Project @PreCoM_Project @ProphesyProject @z_bre4k [Go to tweet]

25/11/2020 14:00:07 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
UPTIME General Assembly has been taken place yesterday and today virtually. Mainly focus on final refinement of UPTIME #predictivemaintenance platform & workshop sessions on exploitation and adoption guidelines for new customers. Two project events are coming up, stay tune!! [Go to tweet]

18/11/2020 09:33:50 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
Coming up! ForeSee Cluster webinar #3 on Cost Benefit & ROI Calculators for #predictivemaintenance Applications, use cases on production systems in the aviation of UPTIME & in the automotive of @ProphesyProject. Registration is free of charge: [URL] @EFFRA_Live [Go to tweet]

17/11/2020 13:51:11 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
ForeSee Cluster projects UPTIME, SERENA and Z-BRE4K are currently presented at the virtual workshop on Interoperability for Maintenance in conjunction with the I-ESA 2020. More details: [URL] [Go to tweet]

17/11/2020 13:43:28 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
RT @imu_ntua: Save the date: the 3rd Webinar of the @uptimeH2020 project is on 10 Dec 2020. Alexandros Bousdekis from @IccsNtua will be pr…
19/10/2020 08:20:01 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
Some practical implementation in the industrial cases will be presented tomorow at the ForeSee Webinar #2, by @ProphesyProject & @z_bre4k partners Haije Zijlstra & Daniël Caljouw, Philips,@programsEU partners, Michele Surico @Fidia_Iberica & Ignacio Martínez de la Pera, Aurrenak. [Go to tweet]

19/10/2020 08:11:40 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
Here a sneak peek of tomorrow's ForeSee webinar on: Reliability & Tools for #predictivemaintenance Applications, presented by @PreCoM_Project partner, Prof. Dr. Basim Al-Najjar of Linnaeus University & @z_bre4k partner, Thanasis Naskos, @EngAtlantis. ℹ️ [URL] [Go to tweet]

16/10/2020 12:08:57 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
💡 Join us at the next ForeSee Webinar on the "Realibility and Tools for #predictivemaintenance application, featuring Philips, Fidia and Aurrenak machine tools use case applications by @z_bre4k,@ProphesyProject and @programsEU. Registration+further info: [URL] [Go to tweet]

05/10/2020 12:12:40 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
RT @z_bre4k: More than 70 participants from over 30 organisations took part in the 1st ForeSee #webinar! 🎉 Let's have a look at our next e…
22/09/2020 10:02:36 - Uptime-H2020 -@uptimeH2020
RT @z_bre4k: - 3 days to the 1st ForeSee #webinar! 📝PdM Platforms & Microservices for #Manufacturing Operations 👥4 speakers 🏭 2 use cases…

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