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09/07/2020 07:57:27 - AMable -@amable_eu
Wanna know how @amable_eu supports ideas in #additivemanufacturing Manufacturing? FABTHEB use 3d printing to increase the mechanical performance of Carbon Fibre Composites. @amable_eu Experiment success stories - see how the experiments progress. [URL] [Go to tweet]
08/07/2020 08:51:49 - AMable -@amable_eu
Do you have a great product idea? Win a seat at one of our #ExperienceLabs of your choice. What better place to pitch your idea and receive great feedback from our experts at @amable_eu Experience Labs! [URL] @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live @DigIndEU @Photonics2 [Go to tweet]
07/07/2020 07:30:07 - AMable -@amable_eu
Only 1 day left until our virtual #ExperienceLab hosted by @supsi_ch in Italian. Discover #additivemanufacturing in real life and get hands onto equipment and machines. With your quick registration, you’re securing yourself a place at our virtual session. [URL] [Go to tweet]
06/07/2020 08:09:44 - AMable -@amable_eu
Today one of our @amable_eu experts will discuss the uptake of additive manufacturing during the 3rd virtual Web Monday hosted by @aixhibit. The event will be held in German and starts at 6pm. Here’s the link to join the session. [Go to tweet]
03/07/2020 07:16:02 - AMable -@amable_eu
Our Experience Labs are the perfect opportunities to learn more about the main 3d printing technologies and what materials can be used. Register to our event on July 8th. The session will be hosted by #SUPSI in Italian. [URL] @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live @DigIndEU [Go to tweet]
02/07/2020 07:16:02 - AMable -@amable_eu
In collaboration with @L4MS_EU #OpenCall5 for proposals on innovative products that need #additivemanufacturing and logistics solutions to become alive. Please submit your proposals by August 1st and receive funding. [URL] @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live @DigIndEU [Go to tweet]
01/07/2020 06:40:25 - AMable -@amable_eu
Save the Date: July 6th on the 3rd virtual Web Monday hosted by @AIXhibit Ulrich Thombansen will talk about the uptake of additive manufacturing and how it can be applied. The event will be held in German and starts at 6pm. Feel free to join in [URL] [Go to tweet]
30/06/2020 07:47:53 - AMable -@amable_eu
Did you miss our last Experience Lab? Don’t worry! The next event will take place on July 8th and hosted by #SUPSI in Italian. Learn more about the use of #additivemanufacturing and the benefits of #AM. Register now: [URL] @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live @DigIndEU [Go to tweet]
30/06/2020 07:16:02 - AMable -@amable_eu
You have a great product idea that is additively manufacturable? Here’s your chance to pitch your idea and win a seat at one of our Experience Labs of your choice. Receive funding of 40k. The Call ends on December 31st. Apply now [URL] @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live [Go to tweet]
26/06/2020 08:31:46 - AMable -@amable_eu
Follow our LinkedIn page and get the latest news on @amable_eu @I4MS_Europe @EFFRA_Live @DigIndEU @Photonics2 [Go to tweet]

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