Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs

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Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs
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08/07/2020 10:17:23 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
WEBINARS - Back by popular demand! Tune-in to DIH4CPS consortium's UPCOMING webinars to learn about the OPEN CALL opportunity. Let us help you with the application & more! Save the date + REGISTER: [URL] #webinar #webinars #opencall #EU #europe #funds [Go to tweet]
06/07/2020 11:53:13 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Last Week's DIH4CPS Global Project Meeting looked slightly different! Big Thank You to all our inspiring partners who attended. Want to know what all the buzz is about? [URL] #meetup #digitalhub #partners #opencall #EUfunding #DIH #SME #cyberphysicalsystems [Go to tweet]
02/07/2020 12:51:40 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Don't forget about this incredible opportunity for those working in the field of #CPES. If you're an #SME or #DIH - Apply to the DIH4CPS Open Call! Learn more about the opp here: [URL] [Go to tweet]
30/06/2020 10:14:22 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Partner Spotlight! We're excited to share with you one of our outstanding partners. Find out more about @innominegroup - [URL] [Go to tweet]
26/06/2020 14:42:21 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
We sure miss our meet-ups! DIH4CPS aims to develop a network of DIHs in the Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems domains - Keep an eye out for virtual Online Webinar events coming soon! In the meantime, brush up on our project plans - [URL] [Go to tweet]
25/06/2020 14:33:59 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Did you know? In an effort to contribute to the #Covid_19 crisis recovery, proposals that address industrial sectors and geographical regions with proven impact from #COVID19 will be given special consideration. Read all about DIH4CPS's 1st Open Call - [URL]
24/06/2020 12:26:46 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Thanks for tuning into our webinar last week! Now that your interest has been sparked - Learn more about the DIH4CPS Open Call for #SMEs & #DIHs: [URL] [Go to tweet]
22/06/2020 09:58:30 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
RT @opendei_eu: You got five minutes? Then do the @DihnetE survey now! We need your input to provide you with the services and resources y…
18/06/2020 09:01:20 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
Don’t miss the chance to learn about the DIH4CPS Open Call! An informative webinar will be held Friday the 19th of June at 10.00 CET. More info and registration here: [URL]
17/06/2020 12:28:21 - DIH4CPS -@DIH4CPS
RT @DihnetE: The @DIH4CPS consortium has now launched their first #OpenCall for proposals related to the field of #Cyber physical and embe…

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