Feedback mechanisms Across the Lifecycle for Customer-driven Optimization of iNnovative product-service design

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ISO-STEP14649 (STEP-NC) is a machine tool control language. FALCON will take into account the STEP-NC standard since it will be able to store, manage and exchange control paths. I++ /DME is aiming to provide a definition of a standard common interface between application software and measurement equipment to guarantee interoperability between different suppliers. FALCON will consider this standard in order to address openness of the envisaged platform (OBJ2)
In FALCON, current standards work will be taken into account and used when applicable. This includes normative standards as set by ISO and its national bodies which are of high importance to industrial companies. Additionally, standards proposed by some of the major influential de-facto standardization bodies like The Open Group, W3C, OASIS, and OMG will be assessed and added to our architectural framework. We will cooperate with major relevant commercial players, many of them already included in the FALCON consortium to establish joint standardization activities.
At the architecture level, FALCON will endeavor to standardize communication protocols, data exchange formats, data exchange interfaces. At the content level, ontologies should be standardized, general / vertical, and domain-specific ontologies. We foresee first de facto standardization, driven by technology pick up from interested parties, supported by publicity and dissemination activities (e.g., W3C member submissions), supported then by founding or joining initiatives within OASIS for specific content vocabularies. The Open Group is a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, whose vision of Boundary less Information Flow™ will enable access to integrated information within and between enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability. Standards for the sharing and reuse of lifecycle data, information and knowledge based on results developed in FALCON. The standards will be promoted through the Internet of Things (ITO) work group ( Several FALCON partners are among the initiators and main drivers of this work group.