Collaboration Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe

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Data communication and interoperability
Refrain from proprietary formats; if necessary, build adapters that go both ways (import/export). Platform-independent micro-service architecture (micro-services are designed to be independent of Bluemix stack (but can use it if it’s there)) Standards compliance for product categorisation (eClass), business process specification (UBL), oneM2M for manufacturing interoperation.

End-to-end security: Data integrity, confidentiality, identity and key management, authentication, fine-grained authorization and access control. Trust and reputation management. Advanced behavioural security (including game theory) Spring Cloud Security: Standardized security mechanisms are implemented using Spring Cloud Security. It provides out-of-the-box integration of security modules to Spring Cloud applications. Authentication and authorization between microservices are realized by using Spring Cloud Security, which supports OAuth2 and OpenID Connect and communicates with the authentication server (i.e. Cloud Foundry UAA).

Resilience is partly addressed through the federation aspects: attackers need to “hack” more than one platform, each with a different security setup, chosen from NIMBLE modules.
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