Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories

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Data communication and interoperability
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Α Web API will return semantic data. The communication interface is through the SPARQL query engine. Z-BRE4K ontology is implemented with the Open Semantic Framework (OSF), an integrated software stack using semantic technologies for knowledge management. Furthermore, JSON formatted data from the shop floor is transferred through a MQTT broker, to be finally stored in I-LiKe machines internal data repository. IDS connectors are used to transform data into the NGSI format, move the data to the ORION context broker to be finally consumed by other applications. Also, the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard guarantees interoperability since it defines an integrated set of information models that enable the effective exchange of metrology data throughout the entire manufacturing quality measurement process – from product design to inspection planning to execution to analysis and reporting. OpenCPPS (part of AUTOWARE) will provide support for selected mainstream communication protocols and will define the proper interfaces for other communication protocols to be plugged-in.

Real-time communication capability

Z-BRE4K ontology supports real-time communication capabilities, by providing an agreement among a shared conceptualization, an explicit formal specification and in-between-relations of objects to support the predictive maintenance domain and data classification. Real-time data is gathered from the shop-floor and sent through the MQTT broker to be consumed by the solution’s prediction software applications in order to predict and provide suggestions. I-Like Machines provide a visualization UI and provide a real-time monitoring of relevant variables and comparison with meaningful thresholds.

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