Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories

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Economic sustainability and added value

Z-BRE4K heavily contributes to the economic sustainability of the manufacturing sector by deploying an advanced maintenance solution aimed to attain zero unexpected breakdowns. In this regard, Z-BRE4K will avoid fatal failures, thus minimizing the breakdown times and need for spare parts and overhauls and will estimate the remaining useful life of critical subsystems of machinery, lines and shopfloor so that maintenance operations can be scheduled and optimized.

Social sustainability

Z-BRE4K will provide end-users with a solution with direct benefits for the manufacturing sector in Europe such as increasing the in-service efficiency by 24% (estimated) through a combination of preventive, predictive and prescriptive maintenance strategy. Thus, companies will be able to shift some of the operative resources from maintenance to production. The benefits of Z-BRE4K strategies deployment will result in the creation of 400 jobs and over 42M€ ROI within the consortium over after the 4th year of commercialization.

Environmental sustainability

Z-BRE4K will lead to the optimisation of the performance, avoiding waste due to malfunctioning machinery and increased energy consumption due to the presence of failures. the reduction of the electric costs is extimated by 10%.