Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories

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Specific Objective 4: Human-centered and human-driven manufacturing innovation

SHOP4CF is an EU-funded project within the eighth framework programme Horizon 2020 aiming to create a unique infrastructure that allows the easy deployment of human-centric industrial applications. In this context, twenty partners work on a comprehensive software platform allowing to conveniently obtain and deploy a wide range of components selected to cover a broad spectrum of industrial requirements especially in the context of modern, flexible and data-rich manufacturing. The overall vision of SHOP4CF is that tomorrow's production will require both machine capabilities like high accuracy, precision, or endurance and human assets such as creativity, adaptability, or tactile sense. All components considered in SHOP4CF aim at the mutual complementarity of human workers and machines.  

In order to facilitate rapid adoption, great emphasis is placed on user-friendliness, reusability, interconnectivity and accessibility, which is achieved mainly through two key elements: (1) Digital marketplace: components can be conveniently obtained by a web-based interface, (2) unified platform: all components are developed using a single point of integration to ensure a high degree of interconnectivity and compatibility