Numerical modelling and simulation of heat treating processes

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Significant innovations and achievements

Tools developed and deployed on CloudiFacturing platform during this experiment allow end-users who operate water quenches to derive operational conditions of the water quench and thus, increase precision and repeatability of the process and decrease its dependence on the experience of the operator. The outcomes of the experiment also bring new knowledge to the whole process. Additionally, the developed technologies allow using numerical modeling and simulation in the design of a new generation of water quenches and their components.

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Significance of the results for SMEs

"In our field, it is no simple task to find a partner who is not only a top expert in a given field but also able to take initiative in finding innovative solutions. It is only in more challenging situations
when cooperation with real professionals is genuinely appreciated. CloudiFacturing project has certainly been the right choice", Ondřej Tůma, Managing Director, FERRAM STROJÍRNA s.r.o.

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Specific use case requirements

Creating a numerical model of whole water quench with all necessary details and containing all physical processes are the challenges to be faced. Guidelines for operational conditions of quenching machine based on various inputs, such as profile shape and temperatures, will be derived by elaborating a numerical model of quenching process, carrying out CFD simulation using HPC resources and validating the reliability of simulation results by physical experiments.

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