Moulds manufacturing: Process alert system for machine tool failure prevention and Smart process parameter tuning

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Hyperconnected Factories Pathway

The main data supplier is the FORM industrial partner. After the data are gathered, they are sent and stored within the ZDMP platform deployed outside of FORM. The data are critical to feed ZDMP platform providing the quality control services. Additionally, data can be shared with FIDIA equipment manufacturer to assist with equipment-related quality problems.


Collaborative Product-Service Factories Pathway

The quality assessment of the products is performed by the FORM industrial partner that utilizes equipment delivered by FIDIA. Degradation in the equipment performance can cause significant quality drop on the FORM side. In order to avoid this, ZDMP platform aggregates the process and equipment data and performs analysis to identify the defects occurring, as well as to detect possible equipment degradation. Analysis of equipment degradation is preformed in cooperation with equipment suppliers.