Plug And Navigate ROBOTS for smart factories

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Plug And Navigate ROBOTS for smart factories

Advanced manufacturing processes

General description
The efficiency and sustainability of both the manufacturing of actual and future products is still very much determined by the processes that shape and assemble the components of these products. Innovative products and advanced materials (including nano-materials) are emerging but are not yet developing to their full advantage since robust manufacturing methods to deliver these products and materials are not developed for large scale. Research is needed to ensure that novel manufacturing processes can efficiently exploit the potential of novel products for a wide range of applications.

Specifics for Project PAN-ROBOTS | Plug And Navigate ROBOTS for smart factories

Description In addition smart manufacturing systems must reduce waste and energy consumption (so called ‘green’).
 Advanced manufacturing processes Taxon title Advanced manufacturing processes
 Supply chain and value network efficiency Taxon description Economic sustainability will require a re-design of products and production processes respecting the manufacturing conditions and strengths of Europe.
 Flexibility Comments Project objective is to develop, demonstrate and validate a generic automation system for factory logistics in modern factories based on advanced Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV).