A FAST process and production system for high-throughput, highly flexible and cost-efficient volume production of miniaturised components made of a wide range of materials

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Complex structures, geometries and scale

The parts to be manufactured in the project are miniaturised components with complex geometries and high accuracy. Special tooling techniques and tooling materials are developed to manufacture these componens.

Novel materials

Project relates with the development on novel powder materials for FAST sintering process and in particular nanostructured Ti Alloys and steels and ceramics with very fine and accurate particle size.

Customised products

The production system developed by Micro-FAST allows a temperature process range very flexible to use of several materials (metal alloys, ceramic, CerMet and composites). The tooling geometries are developed specifically for the targeted products.

Resource efficient, sustainable products

The Micro-FAST process is a net shape manufacturing process that is not generating production waste. therefore inherently efficient in terms of resources. The Micro-FAST system allows an efficient management of the manufacturing cycle controlling the quality of product in line with an high degree of automation and integration of each production step.