Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems

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Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems

Interaction with other digital platforms

General description

Interactions with other digital platforms indicate how developed solutions are interoperable with legacy systems or how future interaction with other solutions is anticipated.

Governance of interaction with other digital platforms is crucial especially for BtoB platform operations.  Application programming interfaces (APIs) and other technical boundary resources enable interoperability and co-operative resources set the rules of participating and sharing within the platform.

In digital platforms the filtering is typically based on algorithms, i.e.  software-based tools enable the proper and relevant fit of the exchange between producers and users.

Specifics for Project BEinCPPS | Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems

Description In a first phase of the project, the five Champions will provide requirements to the platforms integrators.
Comments , virtual and resource-efficient factories Research priorities RP 3.5 Multi-level simulation and analytics for improving production quality and throughput Research priorities Domain 3: Digital, virtual
 D3.2b Digital World BEinCPPS components Result title D3.2b Digital World BEinCPPS components
 CPPS Open Platform Result description The final two groups are concerned with Human-centered Manufacturing and in particular with Human-Computer Interaction components (for on-the-fly mashup of widgets and for advanced visualization and synchronization
 Rhône-Alpes Champion: The Smart Mold Result comments With the smart mold, this set is replaced by only a stepper motor with an efficiency of about 90 (95% with optimal utilization). That means 14% of energy saved.
 Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Taxon title Business model aspects of digital platform deployment
 Cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies - machine learning Taxon description Colloquially, the term "artificial intelligence" is used to describe machines that mimic "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning"