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Manufacturing with new/ limited raw materials availability

General desciption of Manufacturing with new/ limited raw materials availability:
  • Manufacturing industry needs to find alternatives for materials that are either scarce or that have a high ecological foot or handprint along their lifecycle.     Manufacturing industry also needs to be capable to integrate recycled materials into their production processes.   Highly productive recycling processes and value chains need to be put in place or need to be further developed in order generate recycled materials in a sufficient volume and with a sufficient quality.  Also, industry needs to optimise and minimise the use of materials along the manufacturing process chains (which is also associated to the scope 3 reductions of emissions).
  • Addressing these challenges, requires re-defining the operation of manufacturing processes, machines and production lines and the development of innovative manufacturing processes in order to produce (new) products based on new or recycled materials. Integration of product design and manufacturing needs to be strengthened.
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