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Bio-intelligent Manufacturing

General desciption of Bio-intelligent Manufacturing:
  • The vision of bio-intelligent manufacturing   is to not only copy but integrate and interact with biological systems in man-made technical and information systems. It is about the harnessing of nature's design principles and manufacturing capabilities to design and operate at the atomic level of organic and inorganic matter.  
  • Examples of bio-intelligent manufacturing:
    • Biosensors in manufacturing systems: A new class of biosensors interacting with the living organs and brains (including human) will conceivably change the way micro and nano-manufacturing is combined with biomaterial science and bioprinting to create a new class of solutions.
    • Bioactuators in manufacturing systems: For about 15 years, applied research has tried to simulate bioactuators with carbon nanotubes, electroactive polymers, and other controllable materials. Now, science has started to employ muscular cells directly to compose biotechnical actuators.
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