Industrial scenarios for connected factories

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Industrial scenarios for connected factories

Data ownership - data governance

General description

At the core of  all potential industrial use case scenarios of platforms are data. When formerly isolated data are shared, suddenly a new set of factors arises, both in terms of new external factors, but also in terms of business/microeconomic implications. Therefore, at the core of every digital platform must be a legally, organizationally and commercially viable concept for data sharing/trading/exchange.
When shaping this model, the following questions must be answered:

  • What is the legal arrangement for data “ownership”?  Can users classify their data, is staggered approach possible (closed, traded or open data)? What are legal means that the platform uses to ensure the confidentiality of data ? (Trade Secrets, data base directive)
  • Transparency: Can users monitor/control the sharing of data with third parties? Are there “expiration dates” for data use?
  • Is the legal setting a fixed standards (“general conditions”) or is it a flexible, individual  approach? Are model contracts available?
  • Are there sectorial regulatory requirements concerning data?
  • How far is portability and change of platform possible?
  • Who is responsible in the case of  breaches of confidentiality?
  • How is fairness/ a level playing field between the platform and smaller players ensured ?

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Comments ownership - data governance Business model aspects Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Supply chain management Addressed processes Supply chain management accross plants within the
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 CELOS DMG: Success stories Result comments DMG MORI presented a machine tool equipped with more than 60 sensors that transmitted digitised information on components from the sensors to the cloud for the purposes of data
 Data ownership - data governance Taxon title Data ownership - data governance
 Business model aspects of digital platform deployment Taxon description Another difference is the central role of data for platforms, meaning that data governance is one of the essential elements of the value proposition of platforms.