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Supply chain and value network efficiency

General desciption of Supply chain and value network efficiency:

Optimisation challenges must be faced along the entire supply chain or value network, involving OEMs, components suppliers, service providers and SMEs. The transparency of customer requirements and value within the value chain is an important driver for optimisation.


DIGICOR supports economic sustainability of small but innovative SMEs by enabling them to form agile supply networks that compete with large manufacturers or suppliers. The DIGICOR platform enable companies to identify suitable market opportunities (e.g. OEM tenders advertised on DIGICOR Marketplace) and address those opportunities by forming dynamic partnerships. The collaboration tools provided by the DIGICOR platform ensure complete visibility and governance of the collaborative activities being carried out across partner facilities in the network. By providing information about new business opportunities and allowing companies to participate in multiple supply networks, DIGICOR supports the economic sustainability of ambitious companies in the manufacturing domain.

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