Virtual Factory Open Operating System

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Virtual Factory Open Operating System

Business ecosystem

General description

By definition, by bringing together actors from different sides, platforms are defined by their stakeholders. There are core stakeholders (target customers, core suppliers, value chain partners), but it should not be forgotten that there are also actors with an indirect or external interest in the activities in the platform (competitors, existing customers not addressed through the platform). A platform also defines the relationship with and the channels with the different user groups.

Specifics for Project vf-OS | Virtual Factory Open Operating System

Description Manufacturing Resource providers, Service Providers and Software Developers to cooperate and demand, build, select, and use vf-OS applications with the vf-OS exploiters, like classical App stores, having a business
 Periodic Reporting for period 1 - vf-OS (Virtual Factory Open Operating System) Result description At present, a widely used reference implementation of platforms supporting market ecosystems for developing applications for the virtual factory does not exist. vf-OS aims not to just provide 'never
 Business ecosystem Taxon title Business ecosystem Comments Developers will engage on this business digital model.
 Innovation Taxon description Finally, innovation should become a business model in itself and a continuously run business process (the factory innovation): increasing the competitiveness through the design of a new product requires