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I4MS Going to Market Alliance

Coordination and support action (CSA)

Specifics for Project I4MS-Go | I4MS Going to Market Alliance




Calltopic: FoF.2017.12

Description Acceleration programme: Training support on raising funds and matchmaking with peers.
Comments and support action (CSA) Project type - instrument Validation experiments - equipment assessments (I4MS) Project type - instrument Innovation Action (IA)
 Curators list and action plan Result title Curators list and action plan
 Periodic Reporting for period 1 - I4MS-Go (I4MS Going to Market Alliance) Result description The coordination and support activities that are driven by the I4MSGo project were agreed upon with the IAs. A joint plan for collaboration was developed, establishing 10 different activities.
 Coordination and support action (CSA) Taxon title Coordination and support action (CSA)