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Target clients

General desciption of Target clients:

Which are the target groups? Which new markets and users will be connected?



The primary market segment UPTIME targets is the Manufacturing Industry. First of all, the opportunity is attractive: it is a quite large market where the economic impact of predictive maintenance is high and little has been deployed so far. Second, the competitive advantage of UPTIME is high: its Value Proposition fits very well with the needs of the customers, the expertise of the members of the consortium is strong in this domain and the 3 Business Cases are relevant.

Moreover, three secondary market segments because the technologies involved in UPTIME can be deployed in their contexts:

  • Process industries: any downtime results in immediate and irreversible loss of production without any possibility to compensate
  • Oil & gas / Utilities industries: the same rationale as with the process industry
  • Aerospace & Defense MRO: major players are currently seeking to implement predictive maintenance to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of the systems


UPTIME’s strategy is to focus its efforts on the core market, the manufacturing industry, but with a pragmatic approach regarding the 3 secondary segments: follow-up market demand, anticipate specific expectations and seize opportunities.

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