Strategies and Predictive Maintenance models wrapped around physical systems for Zero-unexpected-Breakdowns and increased operating life of Factories

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Economic sustainability

Z-BRE4K heavily contributes to the economic sustainability of the manufacturing sector by deploying an advanced maintenance solution aimed to attain zero unexpected breakdowns. In this regard, Z-BRE4K will avoid fatal failures, thus minimizing the breakdown times and need for spare parts and overhauls and will estimate the remaining useful life of critical subsystems of machinery, lines and shopfloor so that maintenance operations can be scheduled and optimized.


Once the Z-BRE4K system has evaluated an anomaly or a deterioration trend, the maintenance scheduling is optimized. Moreover, manufacturing machinery execution parameters can be adapted so that the remaining useful life of the incumbent system can be improved, providing Operations Managers with a flexible shopfloor.

Lead time

By reducing failures, downtimes, unplanned outages the manufacturing will minimize the lead time and maximise the response time: stock-outs, lot processing delays, capacity bottlenecks will be avoided.

Product quality - Quality assurance

Z-BRE4K solution will guarantee the improved product quality since the machines will be stopped and the maintenance will be carried out before any failure occurs and defective products are manufactured.

Supply chain and value network efficiency

One of the main advantages of Z-BRE4K is the Z-SYNCHRONIZE strategy that enhances the coordination of production planning, logistics and maintenance operations.


The minimization of downtimes and failures, the optimization of maintenance operations and the reduction of row material waste will lead to an increase the in-service efficiency by 26% and increased productivity.