Associated to EPFP Reference Architecture: Machine level communication Details: Adoption of OPC UA standard for machine level communication, particularly in the context of their Symphony platform that will be linked with EFPF. One other partner is interested in OPC UA and in particular on how it will be used by the new Administration Shell standard. A workflow tool development (T4.6) will support OPC UA based communication for linking multiple shop-floor assets. Another partner is an OPC Foundation member, has actively participated in VDMA-led efforts for OPC UA information model standardisation within the VDMA Robotics and Integrated Assembly Solutions Sector Groups and will monitor ongoing activities. They will support EFPF partners in the adoption/uptake/alignment of OPC UA with in relevant development tasks (e.g. T3.2, T3.5, T4.1). OPC UA is the core Industrie 4.0 communication protocol for machine connectivity, both with supervisory systems and other machines. Relevant domain specific standard extensions are developed in committees associated with the OPC Foundation before being submitted for formal standardisation. The German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) strongly promotes the use of OPC UA among all its member companies and committees.
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