Associated to EPFP Reference Architecture: Cybersecurity Details: AMQP, MQTT and JSON are essential standards for application integration and core context to the building blocks of the EFPF Data Spine and platform. The uptake, interoperability and/or alignment of these standards will be carried out in the tasks dealing with message exchange in EFPF e.g. (T3.2 - Data Spine). Considering the cross-platform data model, EFPF platform sees UBL v2.2 a very possible candidate. In NIMBLE project the v2.1 version of the standard has been used; however, UBL always maintains backward compatibility when making minor standard revisions. In the scope of EFPF, the data model of NIMBLE will be upgraded to v2.2. On the other hand, UBL is a very active standard, which improves itself continually. Work has already begun on a future UBL 2.3 with a target publishing date of December 2019. The SDO will collect user requirements or usage scenarios to further develop/improve UBL data models. In the scope of EFPF standardisation activities, SRDC will submit additional user requirements and/or user usage scenarios to UBL community in order to contribute to UBL 2.3
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