Manufacturing SErvice Ecosystem

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Manufacturing SErvice Ecosystem

Social and collaborative worker

General description

The Social and collaborative operator concept includes, on the one hand, solutions to support participatory design and knowledge sharing and, on the other hand, human-robots collaboration solutions. Knowledge sharing and communication are key aspects in the industrial work context.  (Source)

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Calltopic: FoF.ICT.2011.7.3

Description processes and policies to support collaborative innovation in a secure industrial environment and, on the other side, to define a new collaborative architecture for ESA (Enterprise Software and Applications
Comments - Knowledge-workers Technologies and enablers System modelling, simulation and forecasting Technologies and enablers Engineering tools Standards Standards and standardisation Domain 4 - Collaborative
 Domain 4: Collaborative and mobile enterprises Taxon title Domain 4: Collaborative and mobile enterprises
 Skills - Knowledge-workers Taxon description Augmented and Virtual Worker Social and collaborative worker Super-strong worker Health and happy operator Smarter and Analytical operator