Quality control in smart manufacturing

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MATADOR Automation developed own system for industrial control part recognition. Our trademark MATADOR Vision System is successfully used for bin picking applications. MATADOR Vision System (MVS) contains from 2D or from 3D camera for recognition, tailormade gripper and from whole integration to robot control system. Next future of our system is quality control system.

With MVS we provided test for physical features such as position of joints (rivet, spot weld, arc weld), size of joined part, RPS points etc. In serial production of body in white systems we are checking just significant value of joined parts. We want to check all parts in the end of each joining process in body in white systems. We will integrate MVS directly at the end of every production line and collect all information about each part. For this approach we are preparing structures for mechanical concept and algorithm for vision recognition.

We are looking for experienced consortium of institutions dealing with IoT and big data. Our goal is to create a big databank of parts and checking quality trends in our lines according to collected scanned data.