Expertise in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques

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INSA Lyon is a leading engineering school with more than 1,400 graduates each year, and a total of 5,400 students (including 4,500 engineering students). INSA Lyon boasts 23 research laboratories, more than 700 researchers and teacher-researchers, 650 PhD students, and over 1,000 industrial contracts with the socio-economic world.

The Laboratory of Vibrations and Acoustics (LVA) is one of the 23 laboratories. LVA develops original expertise and methods in the study of vibroacoustic radiation (from source to sound), to identify and localize sources (acting before the transmission of the sound), in the study of sound perception and vibration diagnostics (vibration and acoustic analysis for monitoring and diagnosing rotating machines and for detecting, locating and characterizing faults). LVA has been recognized for its competences that link structural and acoustic dynamics and its scientific works have led to close collaboration with the transport industry (aviation, automobiles, heavy goods, railways), energies and MedTechs.

Since 2012, the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) laboratory of INSA has joined the LVA, adding competences in the field of ultrasonic testing and X-rays imaging. LVA also have recognized expertise in data analysis and data fusion, especially between NDT techniques.

Our competences :

Automatic image processing, feature extraction, interpretation and data fusion between non destructive testing techniques, use of machine learning and deep learning tools for defect classification.

Experimental facilities for X-ray imaging, ultrasonic inspection, acoustic analysis.

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