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Lombardy Champion - Zero-Hours Quality

Added Value from user perspective

General description

Digital platforms will be successful if they provide a clear value proposition to the user groups  involved. In general, digital platforms offer added-value basd upon three main mechanisms:

  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Network effects
  • Use of data integration for new services (mainly optimisation) and business models

Based upon these mechanisms, added-value can be created in a variety of perspectives, such as the process perspective (what process or activity is optimised?) or the KPI perspective (what KPI is the focus of the optimisation).  This added value enables the financing of the digital processes through e.g.increased price margins, market shares or reduced costs.

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ZHQ | Lombardy Champion - Zero-Hours Quality

Project: BEinCPPS


Updated at: 19-07-2019

Description From an architectural perspective, however, the Test Front End belongs to the Field level, while the Results and Editor Front Ends are Factory level components, as their users play a different role in
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