• The Orion Context Broker Generic Enabler

    In the scope of FAR-EDGE, the value of FIWARE is in the OMA NGSI standard: a RESTful Web API implementing the publish/subscribe pattern on context information – i.e., a set of attributes representing the current state of some device or process. NGSI is the common language that FIWARE applications use to integrate themselves with the IoT world. For this reason, supporting NGSI in FAR-EDGE means opening up the Platform to the FIWARE community. The FIWARE asset that is crucial for the support of NGSI is Orion Context Broker (OCB), which as for all FIWARE Generic Enablers is open source software. In FAR-EDGE, we envision the use of OCB to implement the generic publish/subscribe interface of the Distributed Data Analytics subsystem

  • The STH Comet Generic Enabler
  • The Cygnus Generic Enabler