FAGOR Zero-Defects Manufacturing Digital Press Machine

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Realtime optimisation

Solutions, methodologies, and tools that are being developed within different work packages of QU4LITY are being applied to this pilot in the task T7.2 of WP7. As is shown in the figure, different components of the FAGOR platform such as FA-LINK, IKCLOUD+ and IKSEC+ are being extended focusing in ZDM of press machines. FA-LINK platform has been completed with the following components:

  • ETL@FA-LINK is responsible to extract transform and load the data. Additionally to the sensor data, and with ZDM on mind, contextual data is also collected by the platform. This component prepares the data for the AI training process. This component is composed by an extended version of iKCloud that is being designed in WP3 and integrated in this pilot in WP7.
  • Then, TRAIN@FA-LINK uses the previously obtained and persisted data to create an AI model for ZDM. The model is generated using cutting edge machine learning technologies. This model is used to identify situations and generate suggestions to the users to increase performance and reduce defectives of press machine. The model training is performed by the extension of ikCloud+ developed in WP3/WP7 work packages of QU4LITY.
  • Next, the model is executed by EXECUTE@FA-LINK using the data obtained from the press machine. This way, ZDM related alarms, indicators and suggestions are obtained and persisted. This component uses FA-LINK and IK-Cloud+ solutions that are being implemented in WP3 and WP7.
  • Finally, the obtained results are shown to the users using different views of FA-LINK. A set of new views focused on ZDM and quality are being implemented in the WP7 of QU4LITY in this pilot. These new views provide the ability to the platform to show, suggest and guide the user to improve press machine performance and reduce downtimes and defectives.