D9.8 Market Segmentation and Potential of COMPOSITION in European Industry


This work describes the segments of the primary markets for the COMPOSITION exploitable assets and their exploitation potential, providing an overview of the different market segments that COMPOSITION can address, thus allowing partners to make an informed decision on how to define their own individual exploitation plans.
The market description and analysis focuses on two primary markets 1) the market for the COMPOSITION solution as a whole based on user applications explored in the project pilots and 2) the market for software development tools for those that develop, deploy, and maintain IIoT (industrial Internet of Things) applications for industrial customers. At this point in the project, the understanding of the final industrial applications for the Smart Manufacturing industry is still limited. Several use cases have been defined which will eventually be developed and evaluated by the end users in the pilots. Therefore, mainly the market for development tools has been addressed.
By building on well-known paradigms, such as marketplace emulation, the intention is that COMPOSITION will extend manufacturing execution systems to provide a holistic and collaborative integrated information management system (IIMS). The aim is that the IIMS will incorporate the entire Supply and Value Chain, providing the necessary tools to compare production indicators within and between manufacturing facilities.

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