Industrial use cases for an Integrated Information Management System


The COMPOSITION project has two main goals: To integrate data along the value chain inside a factory into one integrated information management system (IIMS), and to create a (semi-)automatic ecosystem, which extends the local IIMS concept to a holistic and collaborative system incorporating and inter-linking both the Supplyand the Value Chains.Six use case pilots will be implemented to demonstrate and evaluate the COMPOSITION eco-system based on two different approaches: Value-Chain/Intra-Factoryand Supply-Chain/Inter-Factoryapproach.

Two pilots will focus on the Value-Chain/Intra-Factory approach:

Boston Scientific Ltd, Ireland(BSL)Boston Scientific Limited (Clonmel) is the largest plant in the Boston Scientific group. It is the sole manufacturer of Pulse Generators (Pacemakers, Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators (ICDs) in the network. Boston Scientific aims to leverage COMPOSITION tools and technologies to tackle real knowledge gaps within their business. These can enable disruption of its current method of manufacturing and enable it to continue to be the prime manufacturer of pacemakers and ICDs.

Kleemann Hellas, Greece(KLE)Kleemann operates both in the manufacturing and the trading of Complete Lift Systems field. The range of products includes domestic and commercial lift systems, including car parking and multi-storey building lift systems. Three departments from the Kleemann plant will be involved in the COMPOSITION pilot: the car slide (intra-factory application), the piston-cylinder and the power the unit department (inter-factory application).KLE is also partof the Supply Chain/Inter-Factory approachwill be deployed jointly at the Kleemann plant in Kilkis and at ELDIA’s recycling facilities in Thessaloniki.

Four pilots will focus on the Supply-Chain/Inter-Factory approach:

Kleemann Hellas, Greece (described above)

ELDIA, Greece(ELDIA)ELDIA is the largest waste management company in Northern Greece.ELDIA’s activities cover the entire range of solid waste management of municipal, industrial, and commercial sectors. In particular, the collection, transportation, sorting, processingof waste and recovery of recyclable materials. The principle under which ELDIA operates and handles waste is in line with what COMPOSITION will apply at the latest stages of the ecosystem development.

ATLANTIS, Greece(ATL)ATLANTIS Engineering is an SMEwith various activities. ATLANTIS has long standing experience in the industrial manufacturing domain. The expertise of the company is mainly in the decision support for the management and optimisation of production activities and assets’ life-cycle, in the design, interconnection and implementation of models and protocols for the manufacturing sector, and in the streamlining of the various maintenance related processes (predictive, condition-based, and reactive). The Supply Chain/Inter-factory Pilot will be deployed by ATLANTIS for software upgrade and deployment.

Nextworks, Italy(NXW)Nextworks, located in Pisa (Italy), is a dynamic SME that was created in 2002. The current development of the Symphony platform focuses on service decomposition and distribution over a wide area, in a truly flexible IoT approach. Nextworks will play the role of technology and service provider in the value chain and in the supply chain of the Kleemann use case, specifically for factory premises and production line monitoring and management. Decisional processes inside the production line will also be supported, enhancing their functionality using professional analysis tools offered by the COMPOSITION marketplace. Nextworks will contribute to the design and development phases of the COMPOSITION project, providing the common technological platform in support of the value chain and supply chain pilot and use cases.

Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
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