The COMPOSITION architecture specification II


In thisdeliverable,the first version of the software architecture for the COMPOSITION project is described.COMPOSITION has two main goals: The first goal is to integrate data along the value chain inside a factory into one integrated information management system (IIMS) combining physical world, simulation, planning and forecasting data to enhance re-configurability, scalability and optimisation of resources and processes inside the factoryto optimisemanufacturing and logistics processes.The second goal is to create a (semi-)automatic ecosystem, which extends the local IIMS concept to a holistic and collaborative system incorporating and interlinking both the supply and the value Chains.This should be able todynamically adapt to changing market requirements.The objectives are achieved by the use of number of IoT enabling technologies and services together with sophisticated big data analytics and deep learning as well as a trusted framework based on blockchaintechnology. The main services realised by COMPOSITION are:

Materialand Component Tracking

Product Quality Monitoring

Manufacturing Forecasting

Automated Procurement

Ecosystem Collaboration Framework

The COMPOSITION architecture has been designed with consideration to compliance with RAMI 4.0