Process Modelling Representation and Monitoring Framework


This deliverable isa report of the result of T3.1 -Process Modelling and Monitoring Framework. This task involves two main activities: manufacture process modelling with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)and the development of a BPMN Monitoring Framework for real-time process monitoring. To help readers understand the topic better, the document first introducesrelated background knowledge, such as the concept of BPMN, the advantages of BPMN, software tools related to BPMN, etc. Following the background introduction, the applicable use cases and the working principle of the BPMN Monitoring Framework is explained. A concrete example from COMPOSITION is used for demonstration.Therelationship between the BPMN Monitoring Framework and the COMPOSITION system is thendescribed. The connection between the monitoring framework and the Digital Factory Model (DFM) as well as the Decision Support System (DSS) is explained. This helpsthe readers to gain more knowledge about the integration of the monitoring framework in the COMPOSITION system.After that, the modelling of a manufacture process is presented. The model is based on a Printed Circuit Board(PCB)production line from Boston Scientific Limited (BSL). Details regarding the process and the modelling principles are also introduced.Finally, the implementation of the BPMN Monitoring Framework is presented in detail. It includes the requirements for the development, tools and technologies used, the implementation details as well as exposed interface. T3.1 starts at M1and finishes at M18, which is also the time for submission of this deliverable. As a result, this document serves as a final report of T3.1. Never the less, this doesnot limit the future activities of adjusting the implemented software to accommodate thenew changes and requirements of other COMPOSITION components.

Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
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