Manufacturing Decision Support System I


In this deliverable, it is described the work for the COMPOSITION task T3.4 –Decision Support System for Optimising Manufacturing ProcessingThe DSS will combine information from included Business Process Diagrams (BPD) and Digital Factory Model (DFM) and based on the semantic models produced as well as from all stakeholders involved in thecomplete supply chain . The task will extend the work done in other projects such as SatisFactory. The main aim of the DSS will be to make a step forward towards a better understanding of the involved manufacturing processes and operations, the contribution of individual links of the supply chain, the effect of process monitoring in productivity, to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing among departments with different roles and responsibilities, the maintenance requirements and procedures and thedetection of daily production details and flaws(COMPOSITION, 2016). The data will be received via MQTT and AQMP protocols and formats (XML and JSON) provided from the partners involved in the ongoing processes and they will be real -time processed. They will be coupled with the associated requests to certain parts of the supply chain, SOP (standard operating procedures) and response strategies, in order to offer feedback to the involved internal or external suppliers, in terms of actionable knowledge and recommendations, including maintenance operations and schedules. The DSS system will provide feedback at fixed and mobile terminals in attractive communication interfaces and visualise KPIs and real –time data analyticsIn this deliverable an analysis of the current State of the Art for DSS is given, including streaming processes and security options. Also, the COMPOSITION DSS is analysed and examined in detail, along with its algorithms and. a small description of the components that work together with DSS and the integration of them in the system.

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