Design of the Security Framework I


The aim of this deliverable is todefine,propose a design and develop a core setof security measures that will conform thefirst version ofCOMPOSITION Security Framework. The purpose of this framework will be to guarantee security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of managed information for all authorized stakeholders in the supply chain.Someof the modulesproposed in this deliverableensure trusted and secure collaboration, at the same time guarantee confidentiality and integrity of the information transmitted addressing end-to-end security across all layers of the system integrating in a seamless manner three major groups of security mechanisms: authentication, access control and transport security; while other components ensure protection against cyber-attacks and provide security monitoring.Thearchitecture is based on well established guidelines and best practices but also includesinnovative and experimental solutions that will guard the COMPOSITION system against unknown threats.At this point, this deliverable will not provide a detailed description of the integration of the security mechanisms with the COMPOSITION system;however those will be the result of feature experiments and testsand will presented in the deliverable D4.2 Security Framework II due inmonth 18.

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