The COMPOSITION blockchain


This deliverable presents the results of task 4.2 “Log-oriented architecture design and Implementation of a secure and trusted blockchain”. It describesthe design and applications of the COMPOSITIONblockchain.The main concerns for the blockchain isto provide an audit trail for manufacturing and supply chain data, enabling both product data traceability and secure access for stakeholders. The implementation mechanism chosen for the blockchain was Multichain1, an open-source blockchain implementing the Bitcoin API2.It provides configurable permissions for assets and consensus, high transaction speedsand severaluseful abstractions for dealing with general time-stamped data without the need to explicitly use cryptocashor other assets.Several applications of blockchains have been tested in the COMPOSITION project, mainly with a supply-chain focus. The COMPOSITION blockchain directly corresponds to COMPOSITION Technical Objective 2.1: “Design and implement a Log Oriented Architecture”.

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