Human - machine - interfaces for direct interaction with the factory II


This deliverable presents the updated results of the task T5.4, which is about the development of inter-and intra-factory human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) that enables users to interact with the COMPOSITION system.The HMI design is driven by initial requirements collected in both, WP2 (D2.1) and WP5 activities. For the initial GUIs, the use cases defined in D2.1 were considered; however, their prioritization was changed after the T5.3 started. This is why use casesof higher priority mightnot always have HMI drafts of highest detail.The methodology is shortly described in section4. A more detailed look at it and also a research on the role of HMIs in the Industry 4.0 is documented in D5.5, which is the initial version of this deliverable. Several design methods offeredby the applied user-centred design framework have been applied during all project phases, for example interviews, guided tours through the factory floors, scenario thinking, storyboards, activity analyses, prototyping and user testing.In this document, wireframes of use cases are presentedwhose processing had not yet started a year ago.Furthermore, implementation of higher prioritized use cases was evaluated with potential users from BSL and KLE. Results and design recommendations or updated implementations are described in Section 5.

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