The present document named “D6.4COMPOSITION Marketplace II” is a public deliverable of the COMPOSITION project, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under Grant Agreement No 723145. This deliverable presents the finalresults of the Task 6.2:“Cloud Infrastructures for Inter-factory Data Exchange”. It aims to describe and analyse the COMPOSITION marketplace's finalversion.The document owner is LINKSand this final version is a reiteration of the one submitted at M20, namely “D6.3COMPOSITION Marketplace I”.COMPOSITION has two main goals:

1.The integration of data along the value chain from the inside of a factory into one integrated information management system (IIMS)

.2.The creation of a (semi-)automatic ecosystem that extends the local IIMS concept to a holistic and collaborative system incorporating and interlinking both the supply and the value chains.

The purpose of this deliverable is to further describe the development process related to the generation of the (semi-)automatic ecosystem, tacklingscalability and distribution issues.Particularly, the analysis will focus on:

•The designof the differentmarketplace componentsgrouped as follows:

     oMarketplace Agents, such as the Agent Management Service (AMS)and Matchmaker Agent.

     oStakeholder Agents, such as Requester and Supplier agents

•The implementation of the components described above, alongside with a short description for every of them.

•The description of the marketplace infrastructure:oDesign decisions and implementation regarding reliability

     oDesign decisions and implementation regarding scalability

     oSecurity framework with focus on the marketplace components

The results of the analysis of all the aforementioned features have been implemented in the COMPOSITION Marketplace,a key component of the COMPOSITION ecosystem.The Marketplace and his Agents have been developed in a full custom way to avoid constraints coming from frameworks usage. The existing technologies have been analysed as state of the art, then, due to the project needs, the COMPOSITION Marketplace has been developed without using any of these frameworks but taking inspiration from those ones.The resulting architecture provides all the necessary elements to support the creation of new supply chains in dynamic way by offering a set of intelligent agents enabledto complete negotiations in a semi-automatic way. During the implementation of the Marketplace the security aspectshavebeenstronglytaken in account to ensureauthentication, authorization and messagesintegrity exploitingthe services provided by the COMPOSITION Security Frameworkand the COMPOSITION Blockchain.It is worth to mention the language that has been developed to support Agents communication mechanism. It is called COMPOSITION eXchange Languageand it is derived from FIPA ACL standard. This language is able to support manydifferent actions and several different messages described by exploiting ad-hoc defined ontologies.The tight connection between all the Marketplace components make the system reliable without sacrificing the modularity and the scalability properties. The Marketplace has been designed in a full modular way to allow the possibility to implement new featuresor replace some of the modules to support new feature, communication protocols or negotiation strategies. The COMPOSITION Marketplace brings a new and dynamic way in supply chain creation. It has shown an easy and successful way in doing negotiation in a semi-automatic manner outperformingthe old mechanism based on a full manual process that usually takes much more time.

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