Collaborative manufacturing services ontology and language I


Thisdeliverable presentsthe first results of the Task 6.4 Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology and Language.It aims to describe and analyse the COMPOSITION Ontology’s first versionwhich is delivered as software alongside with this report. Also, in this report the current stateofthe design of the Ontology API’s firstversionis described.The ontology framework design is driven by COMPOSITION project use cases, requirements and WP6 activities related to Marketplace. COMPOSITION Collaborative Ecosystem needs a knowledge base in order to support flexible specification and execution of manufacturingcollaboration schemes. The knowledge base should enable the description of supply and demand entities participatingintheEcosystemas well asthedescription of manufacturing services’capabilities and resources forparticipatingentities. In order to cover these needs a Collaborative ManufacturingServicesOntology is adopted and willbe used as a common vocabulary to offerinteroperability and representation of both meanings and data.As the knowledge store will keepinformationabout business entities and their services, the Ecosystem Agents will be able to make transactions based on thisinformation. An agent who requests a service or aproduct will be able to find matching agentswho support this service or product based on the information of COMPOSITION Marketplace Ontology. Moreover, the Marketplace will be able to matchpossible solutions or services providers by inferring new knowledge fromtheOntologystore.Thisdocument provides an analysis of COMPOSITION Ontology framework. Besides purpose, context, and scope the first part of this document is devoted to the, content and structureof this Deliverable. The next partsdescribe both general information about Ontologies as well as specific information aboutCOMPOSITON’s Ontology. The general information is a state-of-the-art analysis of Ontologylanguages, methodologies and tools. The COMPOSITION specific parts describe in details the current versions of Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology andits implementation process. Furthermore, theCOMPOSITION Ontology API which hasbeen developed for the purposes of thisprojectis described.Details about the usage of the delivered Ontology and a plan about the next steps of Task 6.4 are also provided.The software components which are described in this report are just the first versions as the project is still in an early stage. More precisely this document represents the research and the developmentthat has been done from month five (M5 –Task 6.4 starts) to month fourteen (M14 –date of first deliverable). The final versions of the COMPOSITION’sCollaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology and of the corresponding Ontology API will be delivered at month thirty (M30–Task 6.4 ends) with the second part of this deliverable, D6.8Collaborative manufacturing services ontology and language II.