COMPOSITION Brokering and Matchmaking components II


This report describes the results of Task 6.5 Brokering and Matchmaking for Efficient Management of Manufacturing Processes from M5 to M34. The Matchmaker is a core component of the COMPOSITION Collaborative Ecosystem, providing matching of buyers and sellers in the supply chain, based on services and their capabilities. Moreover, the Matchmaker provides a ranking of offers during marketplace agents’ negotiations. To this end, semantic matching of manufacturing capabilities and marketplace related services is applied to find the best possible supplier to fulfil a request for a service, raw materials or products involved in the supply chain. The work has done in this task mainly affects the WP6 components such as the Marketplace Agents.

Moreover, the Matchmaker functionality is exclusively depended on Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology that was implemented in the same WP. Furthermore, as the Matchmaker is offered through RESTful services it is connected with Security Framework of WP4. Different decision criteria for supplier selection according to several qualitative and quantitative factors are considered (e.g. delivery time, distance, due date, quality, price, technical capability, past performance, payment methods and terms, etc.). Special focus was given in dealing with the trade-off between performance and quality of matching, in order to provide responses in a reasonable time while at the same time minimization of computational complexities will be targeted. In order to infer new knowledge and provide matching between requesters and providers, semantic rules are applied in an ontology, which is used as the knowledge base for the COMPOSITION ecosystem. Regarding the estimation of similarity among offers and requests, as well as the evaluation of them, well-established weighted algorithms and metrics are used alongside with the semantic rules in order to address the objectives of COMPOSITION Ecosystem at the best possible way.

To sum up, for Task 6.5 technologies, such as semantics and rules, were applied in a Manufacturing Marketplace for matching and evaluating offers in real-time. This was enabled by the usage of the COMPOSITION Ontology which connects manufacturing with e-commerce domain.

The implemented web-based system was able to extend the usage of this Ontology. The Ontology was not used only for interoperability, but it is used also for real-time decision-making capitalizing on knowledge inference. Furthermore, the COMPOSITION Matchmaker enhance its evaluation capabilities by adopting weighted scores algorithms in order to provide a common solution for suppliers matchmaking and real-time offers evaluation.

In comparison with existing frameworks which are not completely related to manufacturing domain in connection with the supply chain domain or they are exclusively designed for one system and they are not easily extended and adoptive by other ecosystems, the COMPOSITION Matchmaker is able to support a connected Manufacturing Ecosystem and it can be effortlessly transferred to other ecosystems as its services offered as web services.

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