Survery of successful elements with recommendations for COMPOSITION use cases I


The D7.1 “Survey of successful elements with recommendations for COMPOSITION use cases I” is a public document delivered in the context of WP7, Task 7.1: Survey of Successful Elements in External, Related Initiatives. The aim of Task 7.1 is to identify and do an assessment of existing results coming from related projects in order to be reused in COMPOSITON,to be part of the final solution provided by COMPOSITION project. These components must cover specific IT requirements of the use cases. The present release of the D7.1 document (the first of three),is mainly focused on assessingresults coming from Fitman (from here Fiware4Industry)and Industrial Data Space projects.Therefore, this task has performed an initial selection of the Fiware4Industry Specific Enablers in the view to make them available to COMPOSITION, as well as the Industrial Space Data project, identifying useful components to be part of the architecture of COMPOSITION.Taking into consideration the information provided by theUse Casesand the COMPOSITION architecture, an initial selection has been achieved.Inaddition the deliverable also covers the initial actions carried out with other FoF-11projects addressing the liaison and co-operation activities among them, whichwill contribute to platform building in Digital automation.In a second iteration of the D7.1, once all FoF-11 projects have their final architecture defined and the different components that make up these identified, a new assessment of these components will be made,refining the initial selection of components and made definitive.The results obtained in this Task will be takinginto consideration and used as inputsfor the future improvements in the finalCOMPOSITON Platform Architecture.