On-site readiness assessment of use cases based on existing sensor infrastructure II


This deliverable relates to WP7, Analysis and Completion of Existing Sensor Infrastructure Analysis and Completion of Existing Sensor Infrastructure, Task 7.3 Analysis and Completion of Existing Sensor Infrastructure. The first deliverable, D7.6 On-Site Readiness Assessment of the Use Cases Based on Existing Sensor Infrastructure Iin Month 15addressed the readiness of the 3 COMPOSITION industrial use case sites (BSL, KLE & ELDIA) for potential integration of wired and wireless sensors. The key applications identified were asset tracking, conditional monitoringusing acoustic and vibration sensorsand container fill levels (scrap/metal).Priority was given to identifying OTS (off the shelf) solutions and getting them to work and gather source data. This deliverable documents the labscale use cases that were deployed and identifies lessons learnt.As the project evolved and technologies were evaluated greater understanding of capabilities and limitations were gained. In some cases,changes to the original development plan were adopted.

Ecosystem for Collaborative Manufacturing Processes _ Intra- and Interfactory Integration and Automation
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