Exploitation Roadmap

The strategic importance of extensive exploitation of the results of the KAP project is appreciated by all members of the KAP consortium, and this document describes the Exploitation Plan of the project as it currently stands. A Market Analysis section includes a description of the commercial, open-source and research environment in which KAP operates, and presents the results of an initial SWOT analysis performed on the project. An Impact Assessment section outlines the impact of the research in terms of individual partners and across the automotive manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and information technology sectors. An Exploitation Strategy section details the overall consortium exploitation strategy. Individual partner exploitation plans are reported. Sector specific exploitation roadmaps for the automotive and semiconductor industries are described consisting of identifying extended bodies of interest, outlining engagement strategies and defining an engagement roadmap. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are addressed in terms of the legal constraints that have been defined for the project, how IPR ownership is dealt with, and how IPR is foreseen to flow through the project. This Exploitation Plan is a working document, and will be regularly refreshed as the project progresses. Future versions will update all sections, include details of any IPR matters that may have arisen, and expand into additional areas including business and license models, target market segments, and Return on Investment, as appropriate.
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Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction of Man, Machine, Material and Method in Manufacturing
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