Anthropometric Scanning Tool

The Framos Anthropometric Scanning Tool is an easy to use and yet precise system to measure anthropometric data. The 23 most important measures have been identified which can be extracted out of only 3 postures. Positioning of the person being measured and taking the measurements can be done by non-experts. FAST features a 3D stereo camera system consisting of 2 calibrated industrial cameras. The system is controlled via a dedicated graphical user interface which guides the user through the measurement process. Measurement points shall be detected automatically by the means of a machine learning process in one of the 2 camera images. The corresponding point in the second camera image is found using state of the art matching procedures. Knowing both measurement points in the images the coordinate is calculated in 3D-Space and distances between two respective measurement points can be calculated with highly precision. At the end of the measurement procedure the whole anthropometric dataset is stored in the database.
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Country: GERMANY
Address: Taufkirchen
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