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Upgrade service for mobile rock crushers



Updated at: 15-08-2019

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Description Results Tools and processes for collection of system geometry data in the field based on photogrammetric scanning Visualisation of upgrade designs based on Augmented and Virtual Reality Modular
Comments Augmented reality Technologies and enablers Human Machine Interfaces Information and communication technologies Augmentation of upgrade design solutions on in-situ equipment Virtual reality
 Virtual reality Taxon title Virtual reality

Augmented Reality Glasses

Project: SatisFactory


Updated at: 21-06-2018

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Title Augmented Reality Glasses
Description Together with other HMI devices of different nature, the AR glasses enable Augmented Realism (AR) services both to real (AR) and virtual environments (VR) for a richer experience.

Virtual and augmented reality modules

Project: e-CUSTOM

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Updated at: 21-06-2018

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Title Virtual and augmented reality modules
Description Innovation content of the result Advanced Virtual and Augmented Reality authoring and visualisation features integrated within a web-browser, based on free and open source software Potential customers