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Description (From The study presents a baseline stock take of the ways sustainability performance data is being used by different groups, outlining the
Comments Standards Standards and standardisation Social sustainability Manufacturing performance characteristics Environmental sustainability Manufacturing performance characteristics Commercial sources Resource
 Environmental sustainability Taxon title Environmental sustainability

Assessment Module

Project: MAN-MADE


Updated at: 22-06-2018

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Description The Assessment Module evaluates impacts and benefits related to decision-making processes supported by the MAN-MADE tools in the three traditional dimensions of sustainability: economic, environmental,
Comments More labour reflects in a higher relevance of this human-centred assessment tool (e.g. for sustainability-aware provision of human-centric services for workers) Manufacture of food products and beverages



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Updated at: 22-06-2018

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Description Reuse of existing production assets with minimal cost and environmental impact Solution concept Optimized work order scheduling and machine operation definition.