Business model aspects of digital platform deployment

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Here the term “business models” is used in a wide sense, complementing the technological and organisation aspects of digital platforms.

One proven tool for analysing and shaping business model is the “Business Model Canvas”. When trying to apply this tool to platforms, it appears that some elements apply to platform-based business models (e.g. the “value proposition”) and that tools as the ”canvas” can provide a first inspiration.

However, for digital platforms the traditional business models view in the narrow sense falls short of describing the business and relationship aspects of platforms. In particular, the strict “partner” and “customer”- view has to be replaced by an ecosystem-perspective.  In addition, this ecosystem can be highly dynamic, which means that platforms can move into new user groups, change their features and might have the typical effects. Another difference is the central role of data for platforms, meaning that data governance is one of the essential elements of the value proposition of platforms.


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