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Description A well-founded method and toolbox for Innovation management, where an existing TRL-based methodology for KETs technology transfer will be enriched by a CPPS certification, education and training programme
  Rhône-Alpes Champion: The Smart Mold Result title Rhône-Alpes Champion: The Smart Mold Result comments interoperability All the information is stored in a single context in the Orion Context Broker.
  EUSKADI industrial Champion Result description Inside the Measuring machines, the metrology software platform provides highly efficient and flexible virtual part management solutions for storage of massive 3D point cloud information and high performance
  Semantic/information interoperability Taxon title Semantic/information interoperability Search keywords information
  The Orion Context Broker Generic Enabler Taxon description It enables to manage context information in a highly decentralized and large-scale manner.
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Description a unified information system addressing the predictive maintenance strategy.
  Autonomous Smart Factories Taxon title Autonomous Smart Factories Search keywords Smart
  Advanced and ubiquitous human machine interaction Taxon description and tailored to the context and the skills/responsibilities they own.
  Architecture Comments In this way, the Operational Technology and the Information Technology can also be converged in the context of Industry 4.0.

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