ISO/IEC 15408 : Information Technology – Security Techniques – Evaluation Criteria for IT Security

These requirements establish a standard way of expressing the assurance requirements for Targets of Evaluation (TOEs). This part of ISO/IEC 15408 catalogues the set of assurance components, families and classes. This part of ISO/IEC 15408 also defines evaluation criteria for PPs (Protection Profile) and STs (Security Target) and presents evaluation assurance levels that define the predefined ISO/IEC 15408 scale for rating assurance for TOEs, which is called the Evaluation Assurance Levels (EALs). The audience for this part of ISO/IEC 15408 includes consumers, developers, and evaluators of secure IT products. Developers, who respond to actual or perceived consumer security requirements in constructing a TOE, reference this part of ISO/IEC 15408 when interpreting statements of assurance requirements and
determining assurance approaches of TOEs. (public download)

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