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Digitalisation pathways

  • General purpose software
  • Dedicated software in silos
  • Connected IT and OT
  • Off-line optimisation
  • Realtime optimisation
  • General purpose software
  • Dedicated software in silos
  • Basic internal connectivity
  • Dedicated IT connection to some supply chain partners
  • Dynamic IT connections to new supply chain partners
  • Product, no Service

    Product-Oriented Organizations based on highly qualified professional knowledge for design-manufacturing

  • Product and disjoint Service

    Products are considered along their own lifecycle. Complex Interactions between Lifecycles considered.

  • Service-enabled Product Design

    Product-Service-System Design Engineering open to customers and final users. Advanced services integrated.

  • Product-Service Innovation

    Manufacturing companies integrate innovative services in their value proposition

  • Product-Service Symbiotic Evolution

    Product Service Systems induce digital transformations at all levels: technical organizational and  procedural. Collaborative PS Factories.